CONCEPT: Keith Tutor

AUTHOR:  Keith Tutor

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Talking to Planet Earth is an offshoot from the Jade & The Deva Book Series.

‘Sammy Pong’ the young Deva in our story every now and then talks to her human friend Jade on the subject of relationships. At one time Jade asks her ‘why are we humans doing what we are doing to our planet’?

Sammy replies ‘if you have a relationship that is important to you and you appreciate it, it is natural for you to protect it. If you do not regard the relationship as important or have any reason to appreciate it other than to take from it there is no relationship because, ‘abuse’ should be not be a part of any relationship.’

Are you saying that we are ‘abusers’ or something and don’t appreciate what we have?

Well, I’m a guardian not the Earth… why don’t you ask her yourself?


JADE: Before we start I have to tell you something… I’m feeling pretty nervous. I thought Sammy was kidding when she said I should interview you. I can’t get my head around it that I am actually talking to you, it’s completely unbelievable.

EARTH: You are, but don’t be nervous. It’s not as if we are unacquainted and you and I haven’t talked before.

We have?

Oh yes, we most certainly have.

I don’t remember, I mean, I should remember… specifically that is, what we talked about arr…. exactly.

(Laughter) Not all talking is done via audible sound Jade. Thoughts and feelings are as audible to me as are words spoken from your mouth.

Are you telepathic?

A bit!

So how would you know about my feelings and thoughts?

You are a part of me; I am a part of you.

You are?

Of course… you don’t know that we are closely related?

Arr, I really haven’t thought about it that much… I guess.

You guess?

Well, it’s not something I talk about that often like when I am with my friends or doing social things. Its more school stuff like geography, biology, history that sort of thing.

You do look nervous?

I’m feeling seriously out of my depth right now, this is so huge. I mean, like ok I am interviewing Earth and right now it feels like Planet Earth can see right through me.

Let’s not think about interviewing than, were just talking. Take a big breath and relax and then ask me whatever you like. I will attempt to answer you without asking you too many questions in return.

Ok I will, um first question… how did you get your name?

You mean Earth?

Yes… Earth.

I have been known in your history as… Erda… Eorthe… Haaretz… Terra… Aarrd and so many other names I can’t keep up with it but the general title human language settled on is Earth.

What about the mother bit? Mother Earth?

Apparently early Greeks referred to me as ‘Gaia’ which I understand means ‘mother’ that might have had something to do with the origins.

So you like it?

Mother Earth? Yes, yes I do, very much. The words flow nicely together and combined… they have a warm, nurturing sound, don’t you think?

Oh definitely, yeah, it does. I couldn’t imagine you as Father Earth… or Brother Earth or a Sister Earth they just don’t sound right.

How about ‘Aunty Earth’?

What, no way that is way too crazy (laughter). How about ‘Lady Earth’ it’s kinda stately and regal.

Too gaga for me my little earthling…

Does sound a bit… swishy… that’s not really you, is it?

Oh I can be swishy but I prefer to view myself as a little more… ‘Down to Earth’!

Did you… just crack… a joke?

I tried.

Our Earth has a sense of humour, wow, that’s so cool.

In this job it comes in handy, believe me (laughter).

So how old are you?

Oh, now that is a tough one to answer.

Why, you don’t know?

People opinion, I tend to listen to people to much, must be the maternal side of me. There are people convinced that I am 6,000 years old, 8,000 years or, 10,000 years old, 50,000 years old and from there my age spirals. I go from being young in cosmic terms to ancient as in 4.6 billion years old ancient because others of you are quite sure I am that ancient.

Wow, that is a huge difference.

It is you could be excused for saying it is a ridiculous time difference.

Does that bother you, I mean people saying this and that about you. Surely, you do know how old you are? Why don’t they just ask you?

Seems they don’t know they can talk to me. However, I have ‘a fair idea’ as you Australians would term it of how old I am. I am used to humans talking about me as if I don’t have a voice or a consciousness or… for that matter, feelings.

Do you have feelings?

(Pause) Do you?

Of course I do… you must know that.

But you don’t know that I have feelings?

I, I, I’m sorry; it’s another thing I haven’t given to much thought about.

Well, I suppose personal things about me in that respect is not a priority in your schooling are they?

No, I suppose there not.

Surprising though considering every physical part of every human being comes from me and when each person’s time is done returns to me. I supply the matter through which you experience your material worlds and that includes ‘feeling’ yet somehow I apparently am not capable of feeling myself. How does that work?

It’s something else I haven’t thought about. All I can say, is I don’t know what to say.

Neither do I (laughter) so let’s go onto something else, ask me another question.

How fast are we moving I mean you… us through space?

Apparently faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and of course able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

And cows…… Jump over the moon.

Do they? What a magical world this is.

So the speed thing, how fast…

I have been clocked at an average 108,000 kilometres per hour that equates to around 67,000 miles per hour. Your scientists believe I travel something like 1,599,799 miles per day, did you know that?

No, I didn’t, I had no idea and the speed, I can’t believe your moving that fast, it’s absolutely friccking mind blowing.

If that’s mind blowing your scientists calculate our Sun orbits our Galaxy at a speed of 559,234 mph and our galaxy rotates at around 492,125 mph.

So how big is our Galaxy?

It is estimated our Sun takes 225 million years in your time to circumnavigate the Galaxy so, what can I say, it’s big.

OMG, that’s 225 million x 560,000 mph, how far is that in miles?

I think I will leave you to figure that one out or maybe one of your readers will.

There is something I don’t get, how come we don’t feel anything or get blown off you because of the speed we are moving at?

You do not feel anything because I spin and move at a constant rate that way you are one with me and are moving at the same speed. If my movement was not constant you would certainly know it.

I still can’t get how we can be going so fast and we don’t feel a thing.

Think of yourself as a passenger on one of your airliners. There is the initial thrust as you hurtle down the runway, because of that you are fully aware of speed and movement. Then comes the gravity defying moment as you soar upwards, again you are aware of movement until… your carrier reaches its cruising altitude. Here is where you become one with the aircraft, you do not feel its speed because it is constant and you are moving with it. As to being blown off me, my gravity has a lot to do with making sure that doesn’t happen unless of course I sped up or slowed down… that would not be good at all.

That’s not going to happen… is it?

Not in your lifetime.

But it will?

Of course, like you and everything else in nature I am not a permanent fixture my heart to will give way.

I can’t imagine that, I mean I cannot imagine you not being where you are doing what you do.

It is difficult for humans to imagine that taking place because you all have such short lifespan on me.

Is that why we have these huge time differences as in some people saying your thousands of years old and others saying your billions of years old?

Yes it has something to do with it and that is an excellent observance.

Thanks.  So… why?

Well, many of you attempt to grasp and sum up ‘reality’ in one microscopic lifetime. And now there is an ever widening gap between beliefs and your sciences. I have been a witness of the evolutionism of humans from the very beginning. Human Beings are naturally inquisitive; you seek to know what life is about unlike the other creatures you share me with. Humans uniquely question, you ponder, discuss and seek to find reason. You have something in you that wants to know, to answer what you are yet to answer, because of that you make yourselves evolve.

I’ve been here 17 years, obviously that’s not much time especially when you start talking your numbers. I kinda understand what you are saying but then again I don’t. Can you elaborate a bit, like paint some pictures for me?

A question for you then… There is something that is utilised globally in your ‘modern’ times. Something you could not imagine being without in every facet of your lives. This ‘something’ was thought of in what you would describe as primitive times. Do you know what that is?

Umm, sails on a boat… fired clay as in utensils bowls, cups, pots?

Excellent answer but not what I had in mind. It is the wheel, the circular wheel. So simple is it not… life changing though as a means of transport back then as it still is to this day. The wheel is unique in your evolutionism because its emergence was and still is ‘universally’ accepted and beliefs (for once) were not in conflict with its emergence. An unbalanced over emphasis on beliefs in my opinion has hindered you evolving to where you could and should be today. One example… your race should have already gone beyond resolving issues with violence, ditto profiting off the suffering of your fellow brothers and sisters and the children. It is disgraceful.

You’ve lost me.

At one time there was a belief that if you sailed beyond the horizon you would drop off the edge of the world.

I learnt about that in primary school, it’s hard to imagine people actually thought like that it sounds pretty dumb.

Oh they did, so much so it was a belief that became ‘written’ and once written that belief cryptically became ‘protected’ fact. These were times you did not openly question what is written. But, this did not stop many in those times to query, often at their own peril as to whether this belief was fact or myth. History as you well know reveals it was nothing more than a myth.

Are you saying that what was written, was it… the truth, nothing else… and you had to accept whatever ‘was’ written?

Have you heard of a man by the name of Galileo?

Yes I have, we went on a school excursion to Canberra two years ago. It’s our nation’s Capital, sorry… stupid of me, of course you would know about Canberra. Anyway we went to the Science and Technology building and Galileo was, I think, an astronomer who lived in the 16th century and I remember something about him being called ‘the father of modern science’.

Very good, Jade. He was a man of great passion you know. Are you aware that ‘passion’ driven and acted upon unlocks the unknown so that it can become the new?

Arr no, (laughs) but I will make sure I write that down.

You should. Now, Galileo had many gifts. He was a spirit of astonishing inner strength a life adventurer with an unquenchable thirst for universal and self knowledge. I have nothing but admiration for his memory.

You knew him????

You could say that.

(Jade temporarily dumbfounded)

Are you alright?

Umm, I am, yes, I just had a moment.

Shall I continue?

Oh… yeah, of course… go ahead.

I am speaking to you of Galileo because I mentioned conflict between belief and reality. Galileo was not the first or only one to conclude back then that I was not the centre of this Solar System, the sun is and fortunately for you still is. Now, what Galileo did as you would expect is he announced his stunning discovery.

So, how did you do an announcement in those days with no internet, radio or television?

Well, he meticulously prepared his findings and presented them to the hierarchy of the day, they pretty well controlled ‘media’ in those times.

And? Was it huge, did he make the front page of the ‘Mediaeval Times’, get awards and Nobel Prizes like people get these days for their big discoveries?

(Earth giggles) The ‘Medieval Times’ that is hilarious you are quite the artist with words aren’t you.

(Jade Laughs) I don’t think so, things like that are always popping into my head.

To what we were discussing, it saddens me to tell you this but he was forced to publicly make a declaration that he was, well… wrong.

You’re kidding…. aren’t you?

No I am not. After Galileo announced his findings he was sentenced for bringing ‘beliefs’ into question. He was placed under house arrest for the rest of his mortal life. He was however allowed to leave his dwelling once or twice to go outside so he could feel the sun’s rays but that was only after, he became blind. That is one example of a conflict between belief and reality.

That is… horrible, I feel so angry.

I understand. That is a normal reaction for many of you which is why the organisation responsible eventually bowed to public pressure and issued an apology to Galileo albeit a low key carefully worded apology.

When was this?

A few of your years ago…

What? Don’t you mean a few hundred years ago?

No, no, a few years as of from the time we are talking to each other today.

But… but!

As I said, what is written is often at odds with fact… now more than ever. You cannot stop evolving nor will you stop questioning, seeking or creating more sciences and hence more discoveries to help you along those paths of wanting to know. It is a natural phenomenon for you not an unnatural phenomenon.

So what is going to happen with all the written stuff as we keep making discoveries?

The written stuff as you call it contains insights and words meant to comfort and enlighten. As long as words are not distorted or used to sit behind causes of self interest that harms me, you, my creatures or my nature…. it has its place.

But isn’t that happening all the time now, the harm?

It is, there are over seven billion reasons among you that it should not be happening.

Seven Billion reasons! Why seven billion?

It’s your current population and counting as we speak.

Oh, yeah, ok, but why is it happening?

In respect to your current ‘world’ I will explain it this way. You are with a group of people; they are talking about a person you have not yet met. They are saying this person did this and this and are this, this and this. You find yourself listening, unconsciously forming an opinion as the talk continues. Then, a belief arises about this unknown person based on what you heard. After the words are said and done those words may be imprinted in your thoughts and you carry them as if they are a truth. Later by chance you find yourself with this person and discover they are nothing like the person you heard about and formed those beliefs about. Had you not met that person and established the ‘true’ facts about that person your belief may have grown stronger for the negative. Group mentality has energy Jade, it fosters an instinct to protect the words of your friends or persons who seek to sway and use words deceptively. At some time it may and often does lead to unneeded confrontation with that someone who may have been destined to become a lifelong friend. Do you understand what I am saying?

I think there is a character in a book by the name of ‘Drool Rockworm’ who reminds me of the ‘shoddy’ words bit. But yeah, that sort of thing goes on at my school a lot and also on the net meaning cyberspace. Do you know what that is?

Yes I do.

Anyway, it’s happened to me exactly like you said, I know about peer pressure and how it can affect you. It’s hard though because some people make it sound so true when their spreading stories and it’s hard not to believe them especially if you know them or you thought you did.

Good, my point in telling you this is because belief is not necessarily fact and seeking fact is something generations of you have had an allergy towards for many years. The mantra of this allergy is this… avoid fact at all cost and defend even to extremity against it. That is why my age stretches from 6 thousand years to 4.5 billion years. One can only conclude that one of those numbers is ‘truth’ and the other… is fabricated myth.

Are you thinking we are stupid or something, do you ever shake your head and go ‘man’ those humans are soooo dumb?

Oh no, I do not think that. There have always been reckless ‘swellheads’ among you although I will say it is painfully evident to me that I have never played host to so many megalomaniac mentalities at the same time as this age… meaning now… But I do not call you stupid. However, I will tell you that I am getting to a point where I am seriously over being used as an endless resource, a dump and a battleground for meaningless ‘man’ made causes.


Seriously! (Earth sighs heavily) If I was ever to offer you a piece of advice Jade it would be this… never ever accept or makes excuses for abuse towards yourself. I want you to remember that.

That is the best advice this girl is ever likely to get (Jade… visibly moved-respectfully silent for a moment) so, what about you?

About me?

The abuse, all the things we are doing to you, isn’t that abuse? You just advised me not to accept it so I’m asking you, why, do you accept it, why don’t you do something about it.

Are you abusing me?

What, me? No way, that is the last thing I would want to do to you.

And you are conscious of that?

(Pause) What do you mean by ‘conscious’?

Aware Jade… aware of what you do.

I’m lost again; I don’t understand what you’re saying to me.

Forgive them for they know not what they do.

(Jade pauses, thinking) I have heard that somewhere before.

Yes they were extraordinary words spoken in extraordinary circumstances however they are words that encompass all aspects of your lives on me not just in ‘reverence terms’ or the hereafter.

So, are saying that the reason you don’t do anything about what we are doing to you is because you forgive us?

Oh Jade that is beautiful but I have to inform you forgiveness is not part of my nature. You love the ocean, you love to spend time in it do you not?

Yeah I do, if I’m not diving, I’m thinking about the next time I can dive, I love it.

So, if a shark grabbed you on one of your dives and ripped a limb off you, would you expect it to come back and apologise to you?

No, of course not, I am fully aware before I dive that I am going into their world, I mean its common sense, it can happen, every diver knows that otherwise you are asking for trouble.

Yet you enter their world knowing that is a possibility?

Yeah I do, it is a possibility, an unlikely one and it is not going to stop me from diving.

Could you forgive the shark?

I don’t know if something like that is about forgiveness, it’s about the nature of the shark, they bite. I am in the sea, for all I know I might look like a seal to a shark; I probably do wearing my flippers and a wet suit. Put it this way, a shark does not attack you because it had a difficult upbringing or is having a shit of a day or it just lost its job. That’s human stuff, things in nature aren’t like that, its not personal…

So you take responsibility for what you do?

Absolutely, especially if I am diving…

And, you always wear a seat belt in a motor vehicle?


Some of you don’t. Unfortunately you know not what you do until after you are involved in a collision. Human history is saturated with accounts of ‘doing’ by unawareness.  Unawareness… leads to abuse, often harm and globally it includes you, everyone else and me. Forgiveness… now, that is an ingredient of your humanness and hopefully… your humaneness. My nature is not ’emotionally’ aligned Jade like the shark. I provide you a place… a ‘home’ to experience yourself as a human being, that’s my job. You’re in my world it is not your world and let me tell you, I spent many of your years getting myself to the point so that your lungs can breathe clean air and also drink water that is not toxic. It did not happen overnight either.

But didn’t you tell me you are me and I am you or something like that?

Yes but… you are me and I am you only in physical terms as in solid matter. When you leave your body, your body returns to me that’s the deal.

So what, my body is on loan?

(Earth bursts out laughing) You know we should talk a lot more like this. I adore your simplicity, you are such a joy. And you are right although I have never heard anyone use the term of ‘ on loan’ before and in such a straightforward way, it’s wonderful.

Wow, thank you, you say such nice things, I would love to keep talking too. So why don’t we, you know, catch up whenever it suits.

Sounds like a plan, how about we let it happen when it happens… naturally?

Ok we will. I do want to backtrack on what we were just talking about but if we are going to be chatting regularly I am finding it a bit awkward not referring to you by a name. You call me Jade, I like that so what do I call you? No offence. ‘Earth’ or ‘Mother’ just isn’t going to come out of my mouth.

Understood! Well… Jade I… in fact… have a nickname.

You do? How, when, from who?

The other planets, they have a nickname for me actually they have a nickname for just about everything.

Are you serious, you can’t be serious? The other planets you mean like Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and the others, is that who you are talking about?

Don’t sound so surprised. We are all neighbours and this system you call a solar system, is our neighbourhood, ‘our hood’.

So, you guys, I mean planets… communicate?

Of course, just because there’s space between us doesn’t mean we don’t talk. In fact Jupiter and Neptune are like my big brothers – they look out for me.

(Jade again finds herself, dumbfounded and speechless) I’m speechless!

Good, it means I am telling you things in life you did not know. Everything Jade and when I say everything, here, there and everywhere in this universe communicates, that’s the way it is.

What about the sun do you communicate with it?

The Admiral… Well, he’s not much of a talker I can tell you that. He lets us know when he’s about to throw out solar flares and nuclear storms things like that, but that is about it. Generally he likes to keep to himself and we are all fine with that.

The Admiral! You call the Sun….The Admiral???? (Raucous laughter)

That is correct, he likes to ‘run a tight ship’ in his ‘hood’ that’s how he puts it. Since nature and then you evolved on me, it’s given him shall we say a new lease of life.

Oh no, I can’t believe this… why?

He has this time and punctuality obsession he is proud that humans can set their seasons and clocks to him, doesn’t want to ruin his record. And Jade seriously. I don’t play a role in seasons and clocks and nor do the other planets… pleeeeeasse!

That is…. SOOOO…… hilarious, am I the first to hear about this?

I have the feeling you are.

That is so cool. Ok, so out with it, what do they call you?

Well, (Earth hesitates) they call me… ‘The Glamorzon’!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha (Jade is holding her sides she’s laughing so much) ha, ha, sorreeee I, I can’t stop, ha, ha.

You share something with Pluto by the way?

What’s that? (Jade still holding her side, stifling laughter while wiping her eyes)

His nickname is ‘Elf’…..

OMG, that’s my nickname ha, ha, ha this…. this is too much.

He likes it. He feels included which is good because he is out on the extremities as you know. Your astronomers have questioned his rightful place as a planet recently but, we haven’t told him that.

Well, (Jade blows her nose) I won’t say anything.

Good. Mum’s the word.

It is, so, what about Mars? Does it have a nickname?

Oh, Mars… he is a character. Mars has a bit of baggage, mainly from years gone by. The thing we all know about Mars is this… never ever open a conversation with him with the following words, ‘how are you?

Whys that?

You will never hear the end of it Jade. Waffle, waffle, waffle, look at you, look at me, you get all the attention, you are this and I’m not, I had an atmosphere once, seriously it never ends.

Am… I… detecting a little bit of animosity here?

Put it this way, he is one of my closest neighbours. You could say we have had our times and between you I, Venus is not exactly ‘ecstatic’ about me being called ‘Glamorzon’ either she is supposed to be the glamour planet. But what can you do, you can’t always choose your neighbours can you?

We have neighbours to and guess what? My mum has been saying to my dad for years ‘if we bump into Mrs Wilson do not, I repeat… do not ask her ‘how she is’ because if you do Liam I swear I will divorce you.’

She is the neighbour on your western side?

Yeah, that’s right. She has this big medical book in her house so whenever she gets an ache or a sniffle she opens it up picks out a life threatening disease and the next thing an ambulance is pulling up outside or she’s ringing us up. It’s crazy.

She is lonely.

I guess she is. So, Mars… what’s his nickname I have to know?

‘We call him ‘Paris’, he is such a diva.

Oh no, ha, ha, ha, so how about Venus?



‘Mosh Pit’

Mosh Pit???? How did you guys come up with Mosh Pit?

He is always down the front.

What a classic… what about Jupiter?

‘Spaceblanket’ he keeps us covered.




Ring a ring a Rosie. We update our names to keep up with the times.

Oh, ok… got it… Neptune?

‘Roundberg’, Mr Roundberg if you please, he’s quite the gentleman is our Roundberg.

You guys are a crackup. I am guessing this might have something to do with ice, meaning iceberg and he’s round in shape?

Very good Jade, it is very icy there.

So have I forgotten some one?

‘Uranus’! We call him ‘King George’, could be worse names for him if you know what I mean?

Oh… oh I know what you mean, he, he. But, you can’t call a planet ‘George’, seriously.

Jade, for the record, we can do and say whatever we like. A bit of history for you… He was almost named George officially that is by the human who discovered him.

What… how could that happen?

George the Third… he was the king of the discoverers country at that time and he wanted to name this new planet after his king.

What, a planet named King George the Third, no way?

Oh yes, other astronomers stepped in and protested because King George did not ‘fit’ in with the other planets Roman/Greek mythological names hence he became ‘Uranus’.

You make things so ‘real’ and fun, everyone should be talking to you. Well that’s what I think.

You have cyberspace… spread the word. Earth to humans, hello, I am heavily involved in your lives and I am the future of your children. Don’t talk about saving me, don’t talk about what you can do for me… talk about what I do for you and act. In other words ‘get real’.

I have no idea where to start.

You already have, you are talking to me your original mother… it is not an illusion. I have watched you. I have seen you with the Deva’s my custodians, the Bella Rumii, and your friendship with the Celestine Orbs. They adore you, surely you know that? All are beings with unimaginable power yet they honour you. You bring rare and unseen tears to their eyes; you restore their faith in human nature. You are their little wonder. You are the one who steps up to a Tyson in his heyday and says ‘show me what you got’ and you are the one who says to other young people… we are no different. And you are the one who needs to tell them ‘our future needs healers not more warriors’.

(Jade in stunned silence visibly moved, turns off her recording gear) ‘I just need a minute’. She takes some tissues from her bag attempts to stem her tears, turns out to be an impossible task.

Of course take your time.

I’m embarrassed; I don’t know why I am crying.

You have tear ducts, they are meant to be used.

Are you always so practical?

If I wasn’t practical you would not exist on me. I do the practical; too many of you do all the impractical. I do everything to maintain your existence and your kind do everything to destabilise your existence. You are aware of this, no wonder you are emotional. Today you have had an opportunity to speak to me; it should not be a rare occurrence. You are special but so are many of your age. You are old souls in young bodies. Remind them of what they already are like, Sammy has reminded you.

So this is not the end… a once off chat?

Oh no, no, no, it is just the beginning.

Phew, cool… so what am I going to call you?

You have shown yourself very adept at coming up with names, why don’t you create one for me?

I’m not going to call you Glam or Glamour.

I appreciate that (Earth laughs).

Or Swish… maybe Swishy no, hang on ‘Kish’, no, how about ‘Kishi’… my ‘Kishi’.

And so it shall be… call me ‘Kishi’.

(Jade giggles) It is swish isn’t it, I mean Glamorzone?

Told you!

So, do you like it?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I know I am unique, I know that I have water, lots of it and an atmosphere and that I provide what none of my solar companions can and that is life. So what about you do you like it?

I do, I like it, it’s adorable. Mind you you’re the only planet I have been on and as far as I am concerned you are absolutely mind blowingly beautiful… wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Well, what can I say, except make the most of your time on me and keep being who you are and I have the feeling you will. (Short pause) You know what I would like?


That, every one of you had the chance of being an astronaut for a day.

Why’s that?

To understand what is outside of my atmosphere… the unimaginable nothingness that surrounds you. There is no such thing as up there or down there outside of my atmosphere and the opportunity to see me in my entirety, in the flesh. Not enough of you in my opinion have witnessed me like this.

How many people have been up there in space, do you know?

In their bodies and returned? I think and don’t quote me on this… twenty six of you. As to these astronauts I cannot speak for them personally I was however privy to some of what they felt.

Please, tell me.

Stricken awe, the realisation of how isolated you truly all are, how fragile I appear. How delicately balanced I am, a jewel seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Feelings of ecstasy and pain as one, thoughts of how ridiculous you act… how serious you have made things for me and yourselves, how pestilent you are towards the only home you have… that your families are down there. It is one look, one gasp that remains in you for the rest of your life Jade. There is more but we both have matters to attend to.

What are you up to?

I have a sunset and a sunrise on the way so I must put my attention to that otherwise ‘The Admiral’ will be in my ear about the ‘tight ship’ business. I sense you’re not nervous anymore?

Oh No, I feel so comfortable, that comfortable I don’t want to stop. I feel like I have just discovered I have another mum and I adore her to. That’s you ‘Kishi’.

You have and I adore you as well. So, what do you have to attend to?

I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me that.

And why is that?

Well, here you are talking about attending to Sunrises and Sunsets and what am I attending to? (Laughs) Arr… A bit of ‘retail therapy’. It’s Thursday, late night shopping… so mum and I are heading up to Crescent Harbour to hit the shops (Jade blushes).

Well, enjoy yourself and Jade… a piece of motherly advice; your lovely (Earthly) mother needs you. Cherish your time with her and let her know that you do. There is nothing more uplifting than knowing you are appreciated.

She’s a handful ‘Kishi’.

‘Little Elf the Second… so am I believe me. Just on a much bigger scale. Your mother will play an integral role in yours and Sammy’s quest so you look after her.

How do you know that… and yes I will look after her.

It’s in her chart.


‘Star chart’… I dabble a little in Astrology.

(Jade laughing out loud yet again) God, you crack me up. I could be your earthly agent; we could do a comedy tour and call ourselves ‘Jade & The Glamorzon’.

(Kishi bursts into laughter) I agree, you belong on the stage. BUT, you already have all the comedy you need in the form of a ‘Deva’ called Sammy Pong not to mention a forthcoming tour called ‘Jade & The Deva’. Besides, imagine me telling ‘The Admiral’ I’m going on tour, no way. Ha, ha. (Laughter between them subsides) Jade, I must go; Sammy will let you know when we can talk again.

Thank you Kishi this has been so much fun and an awesome, awesome experience.

A pleasure, I haven’t laughed this much in centuries, remember what I said to you Jade about your mother?

I will, I promise, bye…………